World of Warcraft meets Angry Birds!
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 I love the goofy characters! They remind me of my friends! — Morgan

 Makes me wish I had an iPhone instead of this crummy DynaTAC— Zayra

 The dance scene at the end reminds one of the finale of Cats. — Glee

 It’s OK, I guess. Needs more DOTs! More DOTs!! — Erebus

For a free game it’s totally worth the money! — Fing 
5 thumbs up! (Yes, I have 5 thumbs) — Fang 
The bad guys should win more. It’s not very realistic… — Foom 

 I like turtles— Ting

 Built with the Cocos2d-iPhone framework! Me like! — Tang

 You will all die a horrible death! I mean that! — Tomb

What the heck do all these spells do? — Ding 
The higher levels are harder than the lower levels. I don’t think that’s very fair! — Dang
It’s a nice diversion from my daily regimen of greifingtrolling, and Rick Rolling — Doom 
Feedback or Support Questions? Visit dungeonators.tumblr.com

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