Learning Haskell on the Web

Mister Spock

(Image source:  https://blog.kejsarmakten.se/all/software/2011/10/23/haskell.html)

Below are websites and such that I’m tracking in my quest to sharpen my FP skills by learning Haskell in my spare time.

  • The Haskell website (where you can download it)
  • A brief introduction to Haskell on GitHub (apparently from a book on Scala, short and sweet)
  • A complete Haskell textbox on WikiBooks (and a great example of a WikiBook)
  • School of Haskell website (hosted by my friends at FP Complete)
  • Guide for setting up Haskell on Windows from Stack Overflow (yes, I have a Windows machine #noshame)
    • Note: The question and top answer are from 2008. Scroll down to the 5th answer from 2013–which is the best one IMHO)

Why should you learn Haskell? Because you only have one one life to live and you shouldn’t spend the majority of it hunting down bugs created by unintended side effects (or intended side effects for that matter) created by programming paradigms that get fuzzy around the edge cases. Life is all edge cases!

Even if you never write production Haskell you can take what you learn from it and apply it to your programming lingo of choice and hopefully write more legible, maintainable, and extensible code.