Back in 2005 to 2010 I tried my hand at comics. I didn’t get very far but here are a few samples of what I produced. I’d love to get back to these some day…

Dead Dale is an American take on the  Tibetan  Book of the Dead. You’ll also find that Freud, Jung, and George Lucas were big influences. And yes, I drew all the pictures and wrote all the text.

Bardotoons Dead Dale #1

Bardotoons Dead Dale #2

The Reckoneer is a based on an idea I had back in grammar school. I had just started reading science fiction and my head was spinning. I started making up my own future history, my own scifi world. It evolved quite a bit over the decades but the core has always been the same: What if you could create any kind of person you desired with any abilities or traits imaginable?

Bardotoons The Reckoneer #1

Kill or Be Killed is isn’t really about death and the afterlife, even though death is a  prominent  character. It’s based on a Japanese myth (actually a myth that belongs to the people who live on the islands of Japan before the modern Japanese arrived) and it’s also based on the question: What if people really did just stop dying? That’s a good thing? Isn’t it?

Bardotoons Kill Or Be Killed #1

Bogymon is about a social reject who ends up saving the day. Yeah, I know there are a million of these stories, but hey it’s my comic book! I can do what ever I want 🙂