Emoji Tac Toe

The classic game of Tic Tac Toe is even more fun with Emojis!

Now Available in the iTunes App Store!

  • Totally free!
  • No ads and not in-app purchases
  • Shake your iPhone to start a new game with a random pair of emoji

Emoji Tac Toe Screen Shot

  • Single player and two player games
  • Relatively smart AI
  • Battle Mode where some emojis have super powers! See if you can discover them all!

3s touch shortcuts

  • 3D Touch application shortcuts
  • Swipe down to silence, swipe up to switch sound on
  • Sharing for text messages and social media

Settings Screen

  • Dozens of emojis to choose from
  • Works on all iOS 9.3 and above ┬áiPhones and iPads
  • Easy on your phone’s battery and and your memory!


  • Play on your watchOS 2.2 and above Apple Watch!
  • No login, no user data collected, nothing leaves your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch
  • Fun for the whole family

Have a suggestion? Found a bug? Love emojis? Leave a comment below 😀