This Page Intentionally Left Blank





















(Yeah, I’ve been meaning to post an intentionally left blank page for some time now. Whenever I see one my mind spins in a little mental loop: The page is blank. But the page is not blank because it has writing on it. But the page is blank because it was the author’s intention to leave it blank and she wrote a note about that intention. But the page is not blank because the authors intention was to write the words “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” on it. So the author is lying. No, actually, the author is in self-denial. No, the author was didn’t want to be ambiguous. But what is more ambiguous than a blank page with a message on it that claims it is a page without a message. Is there a message within the message? Is it all a joke? Is it a metaphor for something? A pointer to void? The page is blank…)