Surface Pro 3: Quick Status Update

I’ve been using the Surface Pro 3 all week and I continue to find ways to integrate it into my daily routine and overcome minor obstacles.

Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard.

I have some unused Apple bluetooth peripherals lying around the house and I wanted to see how they paired with the Surface Pro 3. The Apple Wireless Keyboard works flawlessly. I love the firm feel and responsiveness of Apple’s keyboard. Most wireless keyboards, including Microsoft’s, feel chintzy to me. I’m happily typing away with the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Surface Pro 3 as I write this blog post. Just remember: The Apple command key maps to the Microsoft windows key.

The Apple Magic Mouse was more problematical. It paired immediately with the Surface Pro 3 and works find as far as left and right clicking go. But the touch-based scrolling feature of the Magic Mouse is disabled. There is a utility that claims to enable the full functionality of the Magic Mouse. You can find it here: Trackpad Magic. It didn’t work for me. I installed both the drivers and the utilities. But they must be out of date or just incompatible with the Surface Pro 3. It doesn’t matter! I’m really used to interacting with the screen to pan and scroll and scrolling with a mouse is starting to feel unnatural. I only need a mouse for precision clicking when the pen or my finger would be too awkward or imprecise.


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  1. Hi! Do you know if that same Mac keyboard can be used for the “Surface 3” (not Pro)? Can you tell me what Mac keyboard you have? Thanks much! – Jackie

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