Liferange 1.0 for iOS implements a lifeclock and a biometer.

The idea of the lifeclock is to map a human life span from birth to estimated death on a 12-hour analog clock. The time the clock is set to represents the user’s current age in terms of hours, minutes, and seconds. By glancing at the life clock now and then, the user is reminded not to waste valuable time on trivial matters.

The idea of the biometer is to map chronological and biological age to speedometer. If the two hands of the biometer converge your chronological and biological ages are the same. If these hands diverge then you may feel old or younger than calendar says.

Liferange incorporates longevity factors into the estimation of a user’s life. These factors include activity level, stress level, risk behavior level, and quality of genetics. The user self-scores these factors on a scale from 1 to 10. Some small attempt has been made by the author to apply the most recent scientific thinking to these factors in terms of their impact on longevity.

Honestly, there is little hard-data and the author of this app assumes that in the years to come research will continue to break the current model of longevity and bring new insights into consideration.

Liferange is an app for inspirational, entertainment, and educational purposes. liferange’s job is to enable the user to focus on their life and how much they have left of it-not in any way predict the length of a user’s life.