The Desktop Strikes Back

I was surprised and delighted by Microsoftâ€s introduction of the Surface Pro 4 and and Surface Book. I have a feeling that Microsoft is doing something really interesting: Bringing back the general purpose personal computer. Wait, wait, I know what you are thinking! Itâ€s all about the phones and pads and the Internet of things! I… Continue reading The Desktop Strikes Back

The Secret to Swift is Enums

I’ve found the CS193P (Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift) iTuneU class really helpful in wrapping my old Objective-C head around Apple’s new Swift programming language. Yes, I know we’re at iOS9 but the fundamentals of the class are still relevant and coaxing the code to compile in iOS 9/Swift 2.0 is a fun little… Continue reading The Secret to Swift is Enums