Month: August 2019

  • Introduction to Scrum and Management (Part 6 of 6)

    This is the part I wrote first. All the other parts were written to justify this coldhearted analysis on what should be the role of management in Scrum. I was convinced that there had to be something more for management to do than “support the team and get out of the way.” Over the years, […]

  • Introduction to Scrum and Management (Part 5 of 6) presents, the penultimate episode of ITSAM! Starring the algorithms of Scrum. The computational thinking that makes it possible to do “twice the work in half the time.” Last episode, part 4, starred the story point as a data structure of enumerated values and its function as a signal of complexity. Story points are expressed as […]

  • Introduction to Scrum and Management (Part 4 of 5 or 6)

    Our story so far: in part 3 I described the Scrum team as a data structure-an undirected graph. I tried to show how the properties of an undirected graph predict how a Scrum team behaves and how it can be optimized for productive behavior. Part of that optimization is keeping teams small, eliminating hubs, and […]

  • Introduction to Scrum and Management (Part 3 of 5 or 6)

    Ah, I can see from those weary, sleepy eyes, that like me, you are obsessed with improving your team’s WIP (work in progress). Stick with me and we’ll get to the bottom of the productivity conundrum with the power of our computational thinking! In part two, I listed the three data structures and four algorithms […]

  • Introduction to Scrum and Management (Part 2 of 4 or 5)

    Welcome back! In part one, I expressed my dismay that Scrum was conceived with no formal role for management, especially not Engineering Management. I also claimed that Scrum is Agile, that Scrum is not dead, and that Scrum was created long before the hyperconnected Internet we now inhabit came into being. I found that Jeff […]

  • Introduction to Scrum and Management (Part 1 of 3 or 4)

    I just finished reading Scrum: the Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff and JJ Sutherland . Jeff Sutherland co-created Scrum in the 90s. JJ Sutherland is the CEO of Scrum Inc and works closely with his father.  Prior to this, I’ve read the big thick technical tomes on Scrum, […]