Category: Self Improvement

  • Future Shock Reloaded

    When I was a lad I would sneak into my father’s den and ransack his library. This was the early 1970s and I discovered all sorts of treasures, many of which I could barely comprehend, including The Godfather and even The French Lieutenant’s Woman. But the one book my pre-teen brain could parse was Future […]

  • Meeting Madness

    It’s only getting worse. And there is no cure. I’m talking about meetings. Most sapiens are natural social networkers. And that means we need to know what is going on, who is doing what, how it’s going to be done, where we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it this way and not that way. […]

  • A Short Note on Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories

    I’ve been a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbits and Middle Earth since I first ran into Bilbo Baggins  at a children’s library appropriately as a child. I remember falling in love with the tale and being somewhat disappointed that the other books of its type were not as deep or as rich as Professor Tolkien’s […]

  • Binge Watching Handmade Hero

    For the last several weeks I’ve been obsessed with one TV show. It’s changed my viewing habits, my buying habits, and my computing habits. Technically it’s not even a “TV show” (if your definition of that term doesn’t include content created by non-professionals that is only available for free over the Internet). But for me, […]

  • Last Day of the Year

    It’s December 31st 2015 and the so-called last day of the year. It sounds so final. 2015 is over and done with. If I had anything that had to be done in 2015 and didn’t get done, well, It’s game over. But really it’s not the last day of anything important. Sure, it’s the last […]

  • H@PPY N3W Y3@2 2015!

    My Resolutions for 2015 Contribute to an open source project Write a mobile app every month Master VIM, GIT, and Make Read all of Focus’ suggested computer science papers at least once 🙂 Write ALL the tests first! Roar! Buy and read books printed on paper! I’ll post weekly updates!

  • Sorting is the most important thing you can do right now!

    If you’re not sorting your wasting your time.