My Huffington Post Blog Posts

I’ve been writing a weekly blog post for the Tech section of the Huffington Post. Here are links to what I have written so far: Gold Medal For Hacking? CyFi Should Win It – Hacking is competitive sport! Data Mining Can Help, Immediately – Let’s stop arguing about mass murder and actually prevent it with tools we… Continue reading My Huffington Post Blog Posts

HyperCard: What Made it Leet

I posted a blog entry on HyperCard yesterday on The Huffington Post: HyperCard: The Original Bridge Over the Digital Divide. From the comments and tweets that I got it was pretty clear that us older hackers have fond memories of HyperCard. But there’s the rub–Us older hacker. Kids today, i.e., people in their twenties, missed… Continue reading HyperCard: What Made it Leet