Month: December 2014

  • Surface Pro 3: Quick Status Update

    I’ve been using the Surface Pro 3 all ¬†week and I continue to find ways to integrate it into my daily routine and overcome minor obstacles. Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard. I have some unused Apple bluetooth peripherals lying around the house and I wanted to see how they paired with the Surface Pro […]

  • This Page Intentionally Left Blank

                                            (Yeah, I’ve been meaning to post an intentionally left blank page for some time now. Whenever I see one my mind spins in a little mental loop: The page is blank. But the page is […]

  • Surface Pro 3: Patience is Rewarded

    I recently acquired a Surface Pro 3 during a Black Friday sale from a local Microsoft Store. I knew I was in for a challenge but I was up for it. I’m from the generation that witnessed the rise of personal computing in the late 20th century from clunky calculator-like boxes with tiny displays and […]